Head Mounted low vision shop

Head mounted low vision shop for hands free viewing. All of them serve the same purpose but have differant features such as the number of lenses, construction, illumination etc. Chioce one to fit your needs.

2.1X TV Spectacles

S.r 225

Deluxe LED Head Band Magnifier with 5  interchangeable lenses  BEST SELLER

S.r 180

Head Band Magnifier

S.r 135

Heavy Duty Head Band Magnifier

S.r 64.95

Hydrotac Stick-on Bifocal Reading Lenses

S.r 315

LED Head Band Magnifer with 4 lens

S.r 225

LED Spectacle Magnifier, 5 lenses

S.r 225

Multi Functional LED Head Band Magnifier

S.r 135

Multi Lens LED Head Band Magnifier

S.r 225

Spectacle Clip-on Magnifier

S.r 135

Spectacle Clip-on, Oval,

S.r 27.50