Desk magnifiers

magnifiers with a fixed focal length that sit on top of the object being viewed.

10X Desk Loupe

S.r 45

15X Desk Loupe

S.r 45

3X Carson LED Illuminated Dome Magnifier 70mm

S.r 311

Bar Magnifier  20 cm

S.r 90

Desk Loupe with Scale, 10X

S.r 446

Desk Loupe with Scale, 7X

S.r 446

Desk Loupe, 8X30mm

S.r 68

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X80mm

NOW S.r 428

Hands Free Desk Top Magnifier

S.r 180

Handy 8X Desk Loupe with Scale

S.r 221

Lumiloupe 5X LED Desk Loupe

S.r 221

MagniLamp 4.3" Stand Magnifier with LED Illumination

S.r 36.95

Quality LED Measuring Loupe, 10X

S.r 446