magnifiers for Macular Degeneration (AMD)

magnifiers can be very useful aids for people suffering from macular degeration though differant magnifiers will suit some and not others depending on the type of AMD and its state. Also there is a differant macular degenration magnifier for different tasks from handheld to hands free, from small credit card magnifiers to large full page magnifiers or from close up to distant magnifiers. If you are unsure of what you need it is a good idea to consult with an optometrist that specializes in low vision. You can find a list of them at  https://www.magnifiers. /low-vision-specialists


2.8X Illuminated Magnifier with Stand

S.r 225

3X Carson LED Illuminated Dome Magnifier 70mm

S.r 311

5X55mm Metal Handle Magnifier with 8 LED Lights

S.r 176

A4 Fresnel Lens Magnifier

S.r 45

AMAX 3.5" Electronic Magnifier

S.r 1120

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 3X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 5X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 7X

S.r 675

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X65mm

S.r 311

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X80mm

NOW S.r 428

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X95mm

S.r 1113

Electronic TV Magnifier

S.r 1120

Electronic TV Magnifier, Wireless

S.r 1161

Embroidery Hands Free Magnifier, Rectangular

S.r 180

Embroidery Hands Free Magnifier, Round

S.r 113

Embroidery Hands Free Magnifier,LED Illuminated

S.r 149

Ezi Vue 3X LED Sliding magnifier, 3X, BEST SELLER

S.r 113

Ezi Vue HD 5inch Portable Video Magnifier

S.r 1796

Free Standing Magnifier

S.r 401

Illuminated Gooseneck Magnifier

S.r 1346

iView  3.5" Portable Electronic Magnifier

S.r 1796

Large Gooseneck Magnifier 2X

S.r 401

LED Illuminated Goose Neck Magnifier

S.r 491

Low Vision LED Magnifier, 4X, 50mm

S.r 711

Low Vision LED Magnifier, 7X, 50mm

S.r 711

MagniLamp 4.3" Stand Magnifier with LED Illumination

S.r 36.95

Pangoo  5.5 HD" Portable Electronic Magnifier

S.r 6205

Quality Hand Magnifier, 2.5X, 80mm

S.r 25.50

Quality Hand Magnifier, 2X, 100mm

NOW S.r 115

Quality Hand Magnifier, 2X, 100x50mm

S.r 144

Quality Hand Magnifier, 3X, 60mm

S.r 99

Rectangular Folding Magnifier, 2X

S.r 90

Rimless LED Magnifier, 2x, 4x,  85x50mm

S.r 203

Rimless LED Magnifier, 2X, 75mm

S.r 711

Rimless LED Magnifier, 2X, 90mm

S.r 176