low vision shop commonly used in  medical fields including veternarians and associated industries.

10X Professional LED Loupe

S.r 428

2.5X Surgical Loupe with Variable Working Distance

S.r 4428

2.5X Surgical Loupe, Standard

S.r 4338

3 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Kit

S.r 105

4X LED Sliding Magnifier

S.r 99

5" Magnifying Lamp

S.r 806

7x50mm Torch Magnifier

S.r 135

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 3X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 5X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 7X

S.r 675

Fit-over Recumbent Spectacles

S.r 428

Floor Standing Illuminated Magnifier

S.r 715

Head Band Magnifier

S.r 135

Heavy Duty Head Band Magnifier

S.r 64.95

High Power Prismatic Dental Loupes

S.r 8338

Hydrotac Stick-on Bifocal Reading Lenses

S.r 315

Jewellers Eye Glass, 5X

S.r 36

LED Head Band Magnifer with 4 lens

S.r 225

Low Vision LED Magnifier, 4X, 50mm

S.r 711

Multi Functional LED Head Band Magnifier

S.r 135

Nail Clipper with Magnifier

S.r 68

Professional Microscope with 10.1" LCD Touch Screen

S.r 14615

Quality Hand Magnifier, 4X, 50mm

S.r 90

Reading/Safety/Craft Glasses.  1.5X

S.r 68

Recumbent Prismatic Spectacles

S.r 415

RX Magnifier for Prescription Bottles

S.r 45

Vari Power Surgical Loupe, 2.5-3.0X

S.r 6428

Vari Power Surgical Loupe, 3.0-3.5X

S.r 6428