High quality magnifiers commonly used in industry for close up inspection and quality control.

100X Pocket Microscope with Illuminator

S.r 135

10X Desk Loupe

S.r 45

10X Professional Inspection Magnifier

S.r 248

10X Torch Magnifier

S.r 180

20X Jewellery Magnifier with  LED Illumation

NOW S.r 72

30X Jewellery Magnifier with 2 LED's

S.r 89

40X Examination Magnifier with LED light

S.r 81

40X Metal Folding Magnifier with LED and UV Lighting

S.r 90

60x Handheld Mini Pocket Microscope Loupe Jeweller Magnifier LED Light

S.r 54

8X Adjustable Focus Magnifier

S.r 68

Desk Loupe with Scale, 7X

S.r 446

Digital Microscope

S.r 625

Ezi Vue 3X LED Sliding magnifier, 3X, BEST SELLER

S.r 113

Heavy Duty Head Band Magnifier

S.r 64.95

Jewellers Eye Glass, 5X

S.r 36

Jewellers Eye Glass, 7X

S.r 77

LED Illuminated Goose Neck Magnifier

S.r 491

Linen Tester with Glass Scale, 6X30mm

S.r 135

Linen Tester, 6X30 with Counter

S.r 131

Linen tester, Double Lens, 10X

S.r 113

Linen tester, Double Lens, 6X25mm

S.r 711

Linen tester, Single Lens, 6X30mm

S.r 135

Lumiloupe 5X LED Desk Loupe

S.r 221

Two Lens Inspection Magnifier.30X 60X  LED

S.r 90