Dental/Surgical Loupes

High quality multi coated dental/surgical loupes. Also used in the veterinary field and other professions. We have the one for most applications. If you cannot see what you are after please enquire. On the product pages you will see useful information on how to adjust loupes and a video clip on why these loupes are estential for dentists.

low vision shop  offer a 10 day right of return policy so that you can try them in your work  environment.

2.5X Surgical Loupe with Variable Working Distance

S.r 4428

2.5X Surgical Loupe, Standard

S.r 4338

3.3X Surgical Loupe, Variable Working Distance

S.r 2475

Head Band for Professional Loupe

S.r 806

High Power Prismatic Dental Loupes

S.r 8338

LED Illuminator for Surgical Loupes

S.r 4428

Prescription Insert for Surgical Loupe

S.r 265

Vari Power Surgical Loupe, 2.5-3.0X

S.r 6428

Vari Power Surgical Loupe, 3.0-3.5X

S.r 6428