100X Pocket Microscope with Illuminator

S.r 135

10X Desk Loupe

S.r 45

10X Inspection Magnifier

S.r 711

10X Professional Inspection Magnifier

S.r 248

10X Professional LED Loupe

S.r 428

10X Torch Magnifier

S.r 180

10X27mm Inspection Magnifier

S.r 113

15X Desk Loupe

S.r 45

2.8X Illuminated Magnifier with Stand

S.r 225

20X & 40X Stereo Microscope

S.r 1795

20X Jewellery Magnifier with  LED Illumation

NOW S.r 72

20X Professional Inspection Magnifier with triplet lens

S.r 338

20X Stereo Microscope

S.r 1345

3 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Kit

S.r 105

30X Jewellery Magnifier with 2 LED's

S.r 89


S.r 315

3X Carson LED Illuminated Dome Magnifier 70mm

S.r 311

40X Examination Magnifier with LED light

S.r 81

40X LED Illuminated Jewellery Type Loupe

S.r 79

40X Metal Folding Magnifier with LED and UV Lighting

S.r 90

5" Magnifying Lamp

S.r 806

5X55mm Metal Handle Magnifier with 8 LED Lights

S.r 176

60-100X Zoom LED Pocket Microscope

S.r 131

60x Handheld Mini Pocket Microscope Loupe Jeweller Magnifier LED Light

S.r 54

7x50mm Torch Magnifier

S.r 135

8X Adjustable Focus Magnifier

S.r 68

8x Torch Magnifier With Reticule

S.r 135

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 3X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 5X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 7X

S.r 675

Deluxe LED Head Band Magnifier with 5  interchangeable lenses  BEST SELLER

S.r 180

Desk Loupe with Scale, 10X

S.r 446

Desk Loupe with Scale, 7X

S.r 446

Desk Loupe, 8X30mm

S.r 68

Digital Microscope

S.r 625

Digital Microscope with 2.6" LCD Screen

S.r 1345

Digital Photography Magnifier

S.r 806

Ezi Vue 3X LED Sliding magnifier, 3X, BEST SELLER

S.r 113

Floor Standing Illuminated Magnifier

S.r 715

Folding Pocket Magnifier, 35mm

S.r 113

Folding pocket Magnifier, 4X,6X, 10X

S.r 68

Free Standing Magnifier

S.r 401

Handy 8X Desk Loupe with Scale

S.r 221

HAUTIK  12X  Telephoto Lens with Clip for Mobile Phones

S.r 221

Head Band for Professional Loupe

S.r 806

Head Band Magnifier

S.r 135

Heavy Duty Head Band Magnifier

S.r 64.95

Helping Hand Stand Magnifier

S.r 81

High Power Prismatic Dental Loupes

S.r 8338

High Power Prismatic Spectacles,

S.r 428