magnifiers commonly used by the education sector.

100X Pocket Microscope with Illuminator

S.r 135

10X Inspection Magnifier

S.r 711

2.1X TV Spectacles

S.r 225

20X & 40X Stereo Microscope

S.r 1795

20X Stereo Microscope

S.r 1345

60-100X Zoom LED Pocket Microscope

S.r 131

60x Handheld Mini Pocket Microscope Loupe Jeweller Magnifier LED Light

S.r 54

8X Adjustable Focus Magnifier

S.r 68

A4 Fresnel Lens Magnifier

S.r 45

Compound Binocular Microscope

S.r 2695

Desk Loupe, 8X30mm

S.r 68

Digital Microscope with 2.6" LCD Screen

S.r 1345

Digital Photography Magnifier

S.r 806

Folding pocket Magnifier, 4X,6X, 10X

S.r 68

High School  Microscope 40-400X

S.r 1795

High School Digital Microscope

S.r 2915

Lumiloupe 5X LED Desk Loupe

S.r 221

Pocket Folding Magnifier, Leather Pouch, 3.5X

S.r 45

Professional Microscope with 10.1" LCD Touch Screen

S.r 14615

Quality Hand Magnifier, 4X, 50mm

S.r 90

Two Lens Inspection Magnifier.30X 60X  LED

S.r 90