Low Vision

10X Torch Magnifier

S.r 180

2.1X TV Spectacles

S.r 225

2.5X LED Pocket Sliding Magnifier

NOW S.r 81

2.8X Illuminated Magnifier with Stand

S.r 225


S.r 315

3X Carson LED Illuminated Dome Magnifier 70mm

S.r 311

3X Hand Held LED Page Magnifier

S.r 221

3X Illuminated Hand Magnifier

S.r 135

3X Premium Hand Held LED Magnifier

S.r 221

4X LED Sliding Magnifier

S.r 99

5X55mm Metal Handle Magnifier with 8 LED Lights

S.r 176

60mm Dome Magnifier

S.r 130

6X LED Sliding Magnifier

S.r 113

75mm Dome Magnifier

S.r 170

7x50mm Torch Magnifier

S.r 135

A4 Fresnel Lens Magnifier

S.r 45

AMAX 3.5" Electronic Magnifier

S.r 1120

Bar Magnifier  20 cm

S.r 90

Bar Magnifier, 2.5X

S.r 36

Bar Magnifier, 2.5X, long

S.r 90

Close Focus Monocular, 4X12mm

S.r 845

Close Focus Monocular, 6X16mm

S.r 845

Close Focus Monocular, 8X21mm

S.r 845

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 3X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 5X

S.r 675

Coil Professional "Touch"  Magnifier 7X

S.r 675

Credit Card Size Fresnel Lens

S.r 25

Desk Loupe, 8X30mm

S.r 68

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X65mm

S.r 311

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X80mm

NOW S.r 428

Dome Magnifier, Hand Polished, 3X95mm

S.r 1113

Electronic TV Magnifier

S.r 1120

Electronic TV Magnifier, Wireless

S.r 1161

Embroidery Hands Free Magnifier, Rectangular

S.r 180

Ezi Vue 3X LED Sliding magnifier, 3X, BEST SELLER

S.r 113

Ezi Vue HD 5inch Portable Video Magnifier

S.r 1796

EziVue 3.5" Electronic Magnifier

S.r 896

EziVue 4.3 inch Video Magnifier with Multi Functions

S.r 1346

Folding Pocket Magnifier, 35mm

S.r 113

Free Standing Magnifier

S.r 401

Fresnel Lens Magnifier on Stand LED

S.r 711

Fresnel Lens with Border  180x120mm

S.r 30

Giant 130mm Hand Magnifier

S.r 711

Hands Free Desk Top Magnifier

S.r 180

High Power Prismatic Spectacles,

S.r 428

Illuminated Bar Magnifier

S.r 117

Illuminated Gooseneck Magnifier

S.r 1346

iView  3.5" Portable Electronic Magnifier

S.r 1796

Ivision 4.3" Electronic Magnifier

S.r 2678

Ivision 5" HD Electronic Magnifier

S.r 4226